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  • Providing job search strategies
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  • Identification of Personality Type
  • Learning how Personality Type influences career choices and career satisfaction
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  • Networking skills training
  • Re-Entry skills
  • Marketing tools for attorneys in transition

Attorney Wellbeing Program

Susan B. Silverman, Founder and Principle of RxSUMELAW, is highly qualified to assist with career wellbeing programs as a result of her academic background in law, psychology and business as well as her practical experience practicing law, providing legal career professional development counseling, and instructing group fitness classes.  In addition, she has in-depth knowledge and experience regarding physical and mental health issues as well as treatment resources with professionals in those areas.  If your law firm leadership is ready and willing, she can create a successful law firm wellbeing program.  The program’s goal is to balance a high-pressure work environment with education and activities to maximize attorneys’ and employees’ performance while maintaining their physical and mental health.

Studies show that attorneys experience high rates of stress, depression, and substance abuse when they are practicing law.  To decrease these issues while increasing attorney happiness, satisfaction, and law firm profits, law firms should make an intentional commitment to wellbeing and start a wellbeing program. The ABA has published a comprehensive 70 page report of the National Task Force on Lawyer Wellbeing (the “Report”)[1].  The Report describes wellbeing as “the absence of illness, but also encompasses a positive state of wellness.  From a whole-health perspective, it can be viewed as a continuous process in which we work across multiple dimensions of wellness.”[2]  The Report identifies 6 dimensions of attorney wellbeing, which are the following:

  1. Occupational: Satisfaction, Growth, Financial Stability
  2. Emotional: Manage Emotions & Protect Mental Health
  3. Physical: Healthy Lifestyle, Help-Seeking When Needed
  4. Intellectual: Learn, Pursue Challenge, Keep Developing
  5. Spiritual: Meaning & Purpose
  6. Social: Connection, Belonging, Contributing

Accordingly, a wellbeing program should consider the whole person.  It should be a holistic program reaching all 6 dimensions of attorney wellbeing.

In order for the wellbeing program to be successful, law firm leaders should support and actively participate in it.  They should emphasize the program’s importance to the organization’s success and lead by example.  Studies show that leaders at companies with successful programs establish a healthy work environment by integrating health into the organization’s overall vision and purpose.[3]The program should consider the potential stressors that can affect attorneys’ and employees’ physical and mental wellness and resulting effects on productivity and the firm’s profitability.  The wellbeing program will increase attorneys’ and employees’ satisfaction, retention, and productivity.[4]

A holistic wellbeing program should focus on fostering cultures and individual competencies that support lawyers’ optimal health, motivation, and performance, not only on detecting and treating disorders.  The wellbeing plan should include education, training, and development components.

Wellbeing Ideas and Events

As a resource, the ABA Presidential Working Group to Advance Wellbeing in the Legal Profession (the “ABA Group”) has listed 15 ideas and events for wellbeing.[5] In addition to the ABA Group’s ideas, we suggest that law firms provide some or all of following:

  • Healthy meals
  • Fresh fruit and healthy snacks instead of candy bars and chips in a vending machines
  • Yoga room (yoga is moving meditation)
  • Yoga instructor
  • Meditation room
  • Stretch zone
  • Rest zone with loungers and/or sleep pods
  • Mindful zone for pleasure reading, crossword puzzles, Sudoku
  • Boot camp style physical fitness lessons
  • Massages

In addition to the items listed above, law firms can offer activities that improve attorneys’ and employees’ wellbeing while building a community and bonding experience.  This results in deeper connections and more employee engagement.  Some of these activities include:

  • Walking groups
  • Running groups
  • Walking meetings
  • Pedometer challenge – Challenge colleagues to reach 10,000 steps each day
  • Febfast[6]- InFebruary, create an office team and hit pause on consumption of alcohol, sugar or something of your choice as a group to help Chicago’s disadvantaged youth. The office team will feel physically better as a result of omitting alcohol or sugar while working together for a positive charitable cause.

Wellbeing Education and Development

Additionally, the ABA Group has listed 18 topic ideas for education and development.[7]  As additional topic ideas for education and development, we suggest law firms provide the following:

  • Individual and confidential counseling/coaching sessions
  • Burn-out prevention strategies
  • Resilience training
  • Mindfulness – Mindful practices like yoga, mediation, tai chi, and chi gong enhance mental and physical wellbeing, overall happiness, and cognitive abilities[8]
  • Work/life balance education
  • Healthy eating information and strategies
  • Nutrition seminars
  • Physical benefits of exercise presentation – physical fitness can help you live a longer and healthier life with mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits.
  • Mental health benefits of physical fitness presentation – physical exercise decreases stress
  • Daycare and elder care resources
  • Benefits of acts of gratitude and kindness
  • Financial wellness – financial advice

Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse Concerns

Importantly, if the unfortunate instance of mental health or substance addiction concerns arise,on-site counseling services through a third-party vendor or an on-site behavioral assistant counselor can be retained.

The Law Firm’s Culture, Readiness, and Follow-Up 

Before starting a wellbeing program, the law firm’s leadership should determine whether a wellness program in compatible with the firm’s culture or perhaps whether the firm is open to adapting their culture to accommodate wellbeing programs.  Additionally, the firm’s leaders should determine the firm’s readiness for the program and confirm that the wellness program and initiates relate to business needs.  For the program to be successful, the firm should also have good and effective marketing materials to promote acceptance and participation from its attorneys and employees.  After the program is running, it is important to follow-up with participating attorneys and employees to learn whether and how it was useful.  Finally, the program and initiatives should be evaluated for its effectiveness and ways improve it.

We look forward to working with you and your law firm to formulate an appropriate wellness program.






[6]“Febfast” is a program in Australia where participants omit alcohol, sugar, or something of their choice during the month of February in support of disadvantaged youth between 15-25 across Australia.


[8]The Best Lawyer You Can Be, Stewart Levine, pg. 115

RxSUMELAW Resume Template

Your resume is a professional marketing tool that highlights your education and work experience.  A potential employer typically learns about you by first reviewing your resume.  Your resume should make a good first impression.  Drafting an effective legal resume can be daunting.  Its’ main purpose is to generate enough interest in you that a prospective employer wants to learn more.  Developing your resume takes time and is usually the first document that you will use to market yourself.

By using the RxSUMELAW Resume Template, RxSUMELAW can help relieve the frustrations and anxiety often associated with drafting one’s legal resume.  The template provides simple directions, guidance, and helpful tips to create your legal resume on-line.  It asks you easy to answer questions, then populates and formats the information to create a professional resume.

Resume Review and Feedback

We will review your resume for proper style, appropriate descriptions of your educational and work experience, and will make sure you do not have any spelling or typographical errors.  Follow-up conversations also often occur to help clients further strengthen their “selling points” and garner the interest of potential employers.

Mock Interviews

It is critical to your success to interview well.  A mock interview allows you the rare opportunity to practice interviewing skills.  You will participate in a mock interview with us and immediately receive personalized feedback, which includes reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of your interview style.  Feedback will be provided on your answers as well as your appearance, including an assessment of your verbal and non-verbal approaches.  You will also be given helpful interview tips.  By practicing your interview skills, you will be better prepared and will consequently be more relaxed and confident during your interview, which will increase your chances of getting a job offer.

Personality and Interest Assessments

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI):  The MBTI is a personality assessment tool.  It is a self assessment instrument that can assist people is getting to know themselves; who they are and how they react to the world.  Significantly, the MBTI is a tool that can help you find career happiness in the legal profession or in an alternative career to law.

The MBTI is designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.  It is based on over 50 years of research and development, and is used world wide for determining personality type.  After answering a number of questions (there are not right or wrong answers), the results are tabulated and you are given a four letter code which is your Type.  Type is denoted by four letters, which indicates ones preferences on four opposite pairs.  The four pairs are (1) extraversion/introversion, (2) sensing/intuition, (3) thinking/feeling and (4) judging/perceiving to identify preferences.  The letter codes represent a preference from one of four opposite pairs.  For example, one’s Type could be an ISTJ, which is introverted, sensing, thinking and judging type.  Based on the MBTI, there are 16 possible personality types, but you only have one type.

The MBTI is a tool not a test.  It asks you 144 questions, takes about 20-30 minutes to complete, requires an 8th grade reading level, and is suitable for people who are 18 years old and above.

Strong Interest Inventory® (Strong):  The Strong is based on the idea that individuals are more satisfied and productive when they work in jobs or at tasks that they find interesting and when they work with people whose interests are similar to their own.  In simplistic terms, the Strong is an interest inventory.  The goal of this assessment is to give insight into a person’s career and leisure interests, so that they may have less difficulty in deciding on an appropriate career choice for themselves.  The Strong reports how your interests compare to others who are working in and satisfied with 122 occupational titles.  The Strong can provide you direction with respect to your job search.  The Strong takes about 30 minutes to complete and contains 291 items that measure your interests in a wide range of occupations, occupational activities, hobbies, leisure activities and types of people.

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